Flatout Stuntman


After having developed two Flatout games tailored for clients, we wanted to demonstrate what the quality and fun of Flatout could become if we would develop the game to our own standards, using our own ideas and expertise. The result was that Flatout Stuntman scored a 9 out of 10 on average, with all press stating “Team6 brings the visuals of consoles to mobile!”, which was great to hear.

Full Description

Flatout Stuntman is a high quality 3D ragdoll simulation game.

The Flatout series is the number one crazy racing and crazy stunts game on other platforms, from Xbox360 to Playstation3, from PC to Nintendo Wii. This franchise has sold many millions of copies and now it is available on your tablet and phone with amazing graphics!

Have a blast with one of the many types and sorts of cars, launch your handpicked crazy character (from playmates to businessman) and aim for the objects that will cause most pain… thus earning you the most points! If you’ve got the right skills, aim for some additional coins during your journey of pain and earn a place in the worldwide highscore tables! Ragdoll fun for everone! Flatout Stuntman contains a ton of different and fun themes, stunts, plenty of vehicles and numerous characters to have fun with. A must play, with more violent and detailed car crashes and flying people in the air than carmageddon!

Flatout Stuntman features:

  • 42 Unique and astonishing HD environments, divided in 7 theme-based categories.
  • 20 over the top characters, from sexy playmate to businessman, from lingerie model to grandpa, from alien to handsome!
  • Tons of original, crunchy sounds and funny comments!
  • Full facebook support: challenge your friends, compare highscores, earn achievements!
  • 25 Awesome cars, from sports car to muscle car, from tank to sled!
  • Convincingly accurate 3D physics simulation!
  • Optimized and designed for tablets!


Android- appsreview.com

4.5 / 5

“the graphics are some of the best we’ve seen on the platform.  It’s an impressive setup, and the physics at work here seem to be solid as well. The wealth of characters, fields, vehicles and layouts is also a tremendous boon for Flatout Stuntman. We think it would be quite hard to become bored with what the title has to offer. If you’re into games like Real Racing, you’ll certainly find a lot of content here to adore.”


“Flatout Stuntman is a gorgeous looking title with console grade graphics”


“The graphics of “Flatout – Stuntman” are top notch!”


“Flatout – Stuntman: a new must have arrives on Android!”


“In fact, this game – it’s one big entertainment infused boundless opportunities of “be killed.”


“Pro: Fun, graphics!
Con: Nothing!
Our rating: 4.5 / 5”

Did you know?
Flatout Stuntman is not just a fun game, it was also used by the #1 worldwide video hardware manufacturer Nvidia for an exclusive showcase, showing the public what their latest generation tablets were capable of!

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