Internship – Quality Assurance (QA) Game Tester

Team6 Game Studios B.V. is an international (NL, UK) video game developer with a 16 year track record, designs and develops major console games, mobile top-10 games and a wide collection of ‘games for good’ for a worldwide market. Currently our studio is working on 2 full priced AAA titles for Xbox One /PS4 made in UE4, 1 mid-priced title for Nintendo Switch in UE4, and 3 mobile games in Unity ranging from small to very high profile.

We are looking for a talented and ambitious student that is highly motivated to work on high quality games together with the existing team of veteran professionals. As a QA tester intern you test, tune and suggest detailed refinements to improve the quality and playability of the game. You will work on various projects to develop your skills as a QA Tester.

Required skills:

– Knowing how games are put together and how different elements contribute to the playing experience
– Being able to spot bugs or other problems and being capable of working out what is causing it
– Strong problem-solving skills
– Being able to document findings and communicate them to colleagues
– Basic knowledge of programming
– Being able to pay close attention to detail
– Being able to play the same games for long periods

Desired Skills:

– Experience with Xbox and/or Playstation development, incl TRC / XR
– Knowing a lot about the approval and submission of console titles
– Experience with UE4
– Experience with Unity 5

What we offer:

– An involving internship in which we help you develop as a full-fledged QA Tester!
– Gain a lot of experience by working on core projects directly at the start of the internship
– The chance to work on both console and mobile titles
– Informal but professional working environment

Don’t worry if your profile doesn’t fit áll the requirements. Nobody is perfect and we are perfectly aware of that. Internships are there to learn from, so we will gladly help you where needed!

Do you want to be a part of our team? Then please send your application (including resume) to!

Questions are always welcome!