Super Street: The Game, the first official Super Street® arcade racing video game coming 2018

Los Angeles
The foremost authority in the aftermarket automotive tuning culture Super Street® is getting its own first official arcade racing video game. Grown from a magazine into a lifestyle brand that serves as the world’s most relevant resource for over 16 million import/sport compact tuner enthusiasts, this videogame is the next step in the Super Street® evolution. The video game will release worldwide in 2018 for PlayStation 4®, Xbox One® and Steam®.

Super Street: The Game brings the best of the classic arcade racing video game genre and transforms this into a whole new action-packed street racer. It gives players the chance to immerse themselves in the tuner world, which will challenge them to turn into a true street racing legend. It will bring everything that the fans love about the brand and more: from the thrill of the race to the passion of building your own, customized,  ridiculously cool street car. Experience what it’s like to step into this exciting, fast and most unique tuner culture.

“In the current game market there is a clear gap. We are missing a real street racing game with the sheer gameplay fun of the old days, but now with the highest visual standard and overall quality one can expect from a 2018 game”, said Ronnie Nelis, creator of Super Street: The Game and addicted tuner himself,  “In addition, we want this game to be as close as possible to the Super Street fan base. These enthusiasts have such great passion and creativity when it comes to their cars. We want to capture all of this enthusiasm and make it possible for fans to finally live their Super Street fantasy in a full-blown game experience.”

In line with reality, this video game makes the player focus on upgrading and tuning their ride part by part. Starting from scratch, you’ll be able to collect parts from tons of authentic well-known tuner brands and build your ultimate, personalized dream car. In this game you don’t buy your supercar, you build it.

Announcement event and reception
Super Street: The Game held its announcement event combined with the #SuperiLL 2 car meet in downtown Los Angeles: the largest Super Street® organized meet-up till date. Featuring over five thousand extremely customized cars and twice the number of visitors, made this the perfect spot for the announcement of the first official Super Street® video game. During the event, fans had the exclusive chance to get the very first taste of this brand new title. A special event VR demo of the in-game garage gave visitors a first experience of the essence of the game. Their feedback unanimously proved one thing: the Super Street® community has a great desire for a classic arcade street racer game.

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